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The Our Notebook Wiki - A Writers Workshop Wiki is an interactive site where you get the latest news and other stuff. This is where you can place your "Project" or "Projects" at for those who needs to find out more information on your work(s).

Welcome to Writers Workshop themed wiki based communityEdit

Hello and welcome to Our Notebook Wiki. Here we get more personal with the authors and the staff about the writing aspects and everything within the topic of writing. Currently, we hace a few rules in place, so, please carefully read them and apply them to this site. We encourage you to help the Board of Directors and the Maintenance Board to uphold the rules and anything that they need. Please check out the Forums or Help for more help.

About Our Notebook WikiEdit

Site Creation: April 17, 2010 with Sundogs as Founder, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, and Chairperson of the Maintenance Board. CA Quakes, Enforcers, and HotDice added to the Board of Directors and the Board of Maintenance Board. On October 19, 2011, the sites' name and url has been changed to reflect the new Business Module (passed on October 18, 2011 via Staff Meeting) and changes were made accordingly. Rules and Punishments are being looked at more carefully and being altered in any way. Manual of Style will be introduced later this year (2011) or into the new year (2012). Any suggestions are being accepted and be looked at very carefully before final decisions being made. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, feedback, or anything about the Rules \ Manual of Style \ and/or anything else about the site, please contact any of the staff on the site; which are Sundogs, HotDuce, CA Quakes, and Enforcers.

Our Notebook Wiki StaffEdit

The Our Notebook Wiki Staff consist of co-workers that have the same love and passion for writing and getting things put down in a book form. The wiki community was founded by Sundogs and invited some co-workers to join the cause of starting a writing type wiki based community that everyone is free to join and have the abilities to share his\hers\their experiences in a collaborative fashion. CA Quakes, Enforcers, and HotDice are the other staff members that were here from day one and LoneThrasherWolf37, MrsCrumplebottom, RiotSquad, and RUstlers have also joined the staff in minor compacity to serve as consultants to the site.


  1. Please don't spam this site.
  2. Be considerate to others like your wanted to be treated! In other way to say it by the Golden Rule of Thumb is, Treat others like you wanted to be treated.
  3. Assume Good Faith with other author(s) works and as in invididual(s).
  4. Help promote the site as much as you can!
  5. Please be nuetral on everything and don't overly place your thoughts in a negative way on the author abd/or his or her work and style of presentation.
  6. More Rules will come forward as we grow.

Mission StatementEdit

Our Mission Statement is as follows:

Our Notebook Wiki, A Writers Workshop Wiki, is an online collaborative open source wiki based community that deals in free registration and no obligations to have any personal information stored and or shared with third parties without consent. The basic principle of the site is to have writing skills competitions, writing workshops, apendex of words and encyclopedia resources of word that are provided by Wikitionary and, and examples of stories being published for those to help critique the work and give critiques and feedbacks on them. All works are legally own by the editor of the work and subsequent edits are known as contributing editors to the work and shall be given credit along with the initial editors edit. All vandalizing and or unwanted behavior will result in disciplinary actions taken toward violator and be given the right to do the right thing. If the problem persists, the violator will be permanately banned to get on the site via internet protocal (i.p.) address block.

The Mission Statement has been approved by all staff members and is effective as of October 21, 2011.

Latest activityEdit

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